Many years ago up in the hills of Port Antonio Jamaica, off in the distance there was a heartbeat. This heartbeat was the sound of drums beating. Nyahbinghi. Rastafarian chanting and sounds of Idren gathering for a session.... Trevor Lawrence, AKA Jah T, was there. Growing up in Jamaica was not always easy. Music was a way out for many and definitely was for Jah T. Percussion was his thing from an early age. When Jah T was not playing congos or binghy, he was carving out coconut trees and machining scrap metal to make Akette drums for his bredrin. As years went on Trevor migrated to the US where he met Patrick Mitchell, a young Jamaican Bass player who was looking to put together a band. Jah T and Patrick started the Reggae Foundation Band later known as the RFBI Band. 10 Years later, after playing and touring the two decided to go back to the roots of it all and back to the hills of Jamaica. They decided to focus on the heartbeat. As Rasta bredrin, the two found that there was a need for Rastafari people to know and feel the Binghy again. Times are still rough throughout the world so Iland Drums was formed. Iland Drums was formed to teach Rastafari and the roots of the livity.... 22 years later... I n I still here making drums!

Give thanks and Jah Guide. Rastafari
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